Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Intern 1

So to sum up, I will be spending the next 11 and a bit months (almost a month in already!) doing the following within my church in south Leicester:

  1. Serving. Writing the newsletter, making the tea/coffee (for up to a few hundred people at a time!), cleaning the toilets, fetching the things you left upstairs for you, etc.

    Really excited about getting properly stuck into this, and most importantly, not allowing myself to flake out. So often, I find myself starting something nice for someone, only to leave it unfinished, and in the worst cases, put the person I started doing it for in a more difficult position than had I not started at all!

    Goals for this: Grow in 'stickability' (aka faithfulness), humility, and usefulness as a helper.
  2. Training. Meeting up one-on-one with the community pastor to pick apart the knots in my faith (and consequently grow in it), be accountable for spending every day intentionally trying to change the world, and also learn something of the art of teaching via one-on-one discussion. Meeting up with one of the church Elders to be advised by someone a LOT wiser than myself on all aspects of my life within and outside the internship. Attending a weekly conference about how to read and teach the Bible.

    So excited to spend a lot of time picking the brains of those so much wiser than myself on all topics under the sun!

    Goals for this: Get better at listening deeply and patiently and engaging humbly with teaching.
  3. Ministry. Basically teaching, training, encouraging and supporting others. This will involve meeting up with a few guys one-to-one, leading a few groups and giving a few talks, and possibly even preaching at the front in church.

    Cannot wait to get my teeth stuck into preparing and delivering talks, and have already been really encouraged within the one-to ones. Looking forward to receiving honest and open criticism about the way I lay my musings out.

    Goals for this: Learn to listen better. Get into the habit of assuming that I DON'T have all the answers.

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